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Internship Program

Woodlawn partners with the New York City Department of Education to offer a six-week Work-Based Learning Program. Throughout the year, high school, college and graduate level students work at Woodlawn to earn academic credit, perform community service hours and are offered paid internships through grant funded programs. The program introduces the students to careers in history and historic preservation.  Students learn to use proper methods to expose gravestones and tablets, photograph the works, document and clean the works. 

Over the course of the six week internship, the students will have the opportunity to meet with professionals in the fields of public history and preservation, and are introduced to careers in history and historic preservation with the understanding that some of the participants are planning on going to college and others considering applying to the Preservation Training Program at Woodlawn. Through the research of the interns, thousands of detailed records have been entered into Woodlawn’s GIS mapping system, allowing for a systematic approach to caring for memorials and monuments throughout the cemetery.  



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