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How Do You Choose Your Final Disposition?

Many New Yorkers don’t give much thought to their final resting place – also called a final disposition option – but when asked, most have strong opinions to share. This is one of the most important and personal decisions to make when it comes to end-of-life planning for yourself or someone you love. Our caring team at The Woodlawn Cemetery understands there are many preferences, cultural elements, and religious requirements that come into play. We are always available to answer questions and walk you through your options. Here are a few to consider:

Ground burial

Single lots provide space for individuals or multiple cremated remains and allow for a flat marker or an upright memorial that can be custom designed to represent a life well lived. Companion lots provide space for two individuals or multiple cremated remains, which also allow for a central memorial representing the special relationship shared and individual footstones for each individual buried in the lot. Estate lots provide space for those who want to accommodate several family generations in one area of the cemetery.


Woodlawn offers several options for burial in a mausoleum:

  • Mausoleum crypts for above-ground burial
  • Granite niches for cremation
  • Glass front niche spaces for cremation
  • Individual spaces
  • Companion spaces
  • Cremation niches
  • Private family areas

Private mausoleums are custom built to provide the owner with the desired number of spaces and a memorial that reflects the tastes and heritage of those at rest. When building these beautiful family estates, customization can include:

  • The perfect building material which eloquently depicts the life and preferences of a loved one.
  • Custom bronze doors creating a beautiful entryway.
  • Stained glass which provides a unique portrayal of the life, beliefs, and relationships.

The Woodlawn Cemetery’s unique Historic Mausoleum Program offers families a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate their lives and the lives of loved ones by securing a place in New York’s history with a beautiful and meaningful memorial. Historic mausoleums are private buildings deeded back to the cemetery.

We’re also proud to announce our latest mausoleum development, the Maple Mausoleum! This is comprised of nine outdoor, beautifully landscaped buildings with mausoleum crypts for above-ground burial and granite niches for cremation. Pre-need, pre-construction sales are being offered now, and you can even take a video tour on our website.

Aboveground Granite Niches

Our beautiful columbarium options at Woodlawn provide permanent places for loved ones to pay their respects in a beautiful and serene setting. Columbarium niches can be personalized with granite, marble, or walnut fronts for beautiful memorial tributes. Granite niches are available in our Garden Conservatory Mausoleum as well as our new Hillcrest Mausoleum Complex and Knollwood Mausoleum.

Brookside Cremation Garden

Many families are looking for more “eco-friendly” cremation burial options, but still desire a permanent place for memorialization. Woodlawn’s Brookside Cremation Garden offers many options for burial of cremated remains within the natural setting of the garden. This includes niches that are blended into the landscape or nestled into natural rock alongside a running brook. Some niches are tucked into the wall of a bridge that spans the stream.

Cremated remains may also be scattered in a communal receptacle known as an ossuary within the Brookside Cremation Garden. A bronze name plaque placed on a wall near the ossuary permanently memorializes the individual.

As you can see, the final disposition options you have at The Woodlawn Cemetery are varied – and we’re confident we can help our neighbors in the Bronx make a decision that brings your whole family peace of mind. Contact us today and we’ll help you discover which one it is.

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