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Field Trips

Woodlawn offers a variety of field trips for school-aged children of all ages. Our current field trip offerings include the following:

The Women of Greatness field trip introduces students to some of Woodlawn’s notable women’s leaders such as women’s suffrage leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the “Queen of Salsa” Celia Cruz, the first African-American female self-made millionaire Madam C.J. Walker, and many more. Students will climb aboard the Woodlawn Conservancy Trolley, watch a video clip telling about each of these women leaders, and visit their final resting place, many of which are architectural and historical marvels. An activity book enhances the learning experience.

The Black & Latino Men of Greatness field trip features the lives of some of our notable men who influenced and led our country in music, politics, literature, education and sports. Learn about jazz great Miles Davis, author Rudolph Fisher, political leader and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Ralph Bunche,  and explorer Matthew Henson to name a few. Short video clips engage the students as they travel through Woodlawn aboard the Trolley to visit the final resting place of these leaders. Activity books for both older and younger students accompany this field trip.

Our newest field trip offering, Woodlawn: A Silent City of Immigrants, tells the courageous stories of many of Woodlawn’s notables who came from other countries to make a difference.  Learn about great composer Irving Berlin, the “Queen of Salsa” Celia Cruz, scientist Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, and more. An activity book encourages students to explore the lives of the immigrants  and students will learn more through video clips aboard the Woodlawn Conservancy Trolley.

The Woodlawn Arboretum field trip will educate students about the more than 140 varieties of trees at the Woodlawn Arboretum.  The Arboretum features 11 specimens that are remarkable simply because of their overwhelming large size, measuring over five feet in diameter.  Students will explore the features that make our trees unique and enjoy the beauty of the Arboretum.  Each of the trees at Woodlawn are tagged and identified scientifically. As students tour the Cemetery, they will learn about some of our Great Trees and participate in a scavenger hunt to earn their “Tree Expert” pin. An activity guide accompanies this field trip.


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