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Educational Programs

Educational Programs at Woodlawn

The Woodlawn Conservancy is committed to fostering a connection between the past and the present by creating educational content and learning opportunities for people of all ages. The learning experience at The Woodlawn Cemetery is enriched by history, biography, architecture, art, nature and music. Our beautiful, peaceful and historical grounds offer the perfect setting for inspiring, instructor-led programs as well as individual study opportunities. Our current educational initiatives include:

Field Trips

Discover Woodlawn as a destination for field trips for school-aged children. Our field trip curriculum is inspired by our notable people who changed our culture and world in many different ways. Additional field trip offerings expose children to the beautiful green space at Woodlawn including the great trees in our arboretum.


Student Leadership & Legacy

The Woodlawn Student Leadership & Legacy Program aims to use the past to build future leaders through mentorship, community service and a curriculum inspired by its notable figures. In partnership with local schools, the Student Leadership & Legacy program is helping shape and create young leaders for generations to come.


Preservation Training Program

Woodlawn’s Preservation Training Program offers career and workforce development for students in our community. For ten weeks, Interns selected for the Preservation Training Program will learn how to care for monuments and buildings made of marble, granite and limestone. The mission of the program is to prepare participants for entry level positions in the masonry trade.


Internship Program

Woodlawn partners with the New York City Department of Education to offer a 6-week Work-Based Learning Program. Throughout the year, high school, college and graduate level students work at Woodlawn to earn academic credit, perform community service hours and are offered paid internships through grant funded programs.The program introduces the students to careers in history and historic preservation. Students learn to use proper methods to expose gravestones and tablets, photograph the works, document and clean the works.


Summer Camp

Woodlawn offers exciting, summer educational camps for children. At Camp Woodlawn, children make music and art, learn about the natural world, and explore history  — in a small-group setting and with experienced and caring instructors. Camp Woodlawn brings alive the history of our great neighborhood and city, celebrates the lives and achievements of those who came before us and sparks curiosity and passion in the leaders of tomorrow.


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